Discriminatory parental benefits – stop giving excuses

There’s nothing to call it but discrimination. The only takeaways from Minister Tharman’s latest justification of our discriminatory laws against parents and children from single-parent families is the usual “support married women who remain in the workforce and raise their children within the context of marriage”. Marriage is laudable and it is to be encouraged, but discriminatory laws and benefits are not the way to do it.

While we acknowledge and appreciate the benefits already dished out to both married and unmarried parents, the visible gap in benefits is a blow to many of Singapore’s children. This bare-faced prejudice will only perpetuate the hate when the children of single parents realise that they have been given second-class citizenship. The rationalised argument of “children still receive equal benefits” is hogwash. My earlier post details the discriminatory gap:

Unmarried mothers (parents) do not receive: Baby Bonus Cash Gift and Child Development Account, 8 weeks of Maternity leave, Paternity leave, Shared parental leave, Parenthood tax rebate, qualifying child relief, handicapped child relief, working mother’s child relief, and grandparent caregiver relief, Foreign Maid Levy Relief, Housing grant for families and Housing priority schemes.

Is the minister trying to tell us that children receive no benefit from these things? That these are only enjoyed by their parents? The children of these parents are not discriminated against at all?

The bogeyman of moral hazard is clearly false – it has been shown time and again that giving better protection to divorcees has not in fact impacted the divorce rate, that giving incentives like the Baby Bonus has not been able to make a dent in the birth rate, that these days, Singaporeans don’t give much thought to government policies when making major family/life choices. But it seems that the G would rather take the moral low ground.

The G clearly has no idea how to win hearts in this context. There are better ways to encourage marriage and to encourage the raising of children. We should not need to scrape the bottom of the policy barrel to punish those who sometimes have little choice in their life circumstances.

If the G wants to appease and support specific (or maybe most) religious sensitivities, then do so within those spheres. Encourage members of those faiths to actively support raising children within the context of marriage and organise resources for them to use. If there are specific secular groups that also support raising children within the context of marriage, they too can enjoy G support for that agenda.

By law, however, we cannot afford to make discrimination official. This will tear at the very fabric of our society that the G claims to be trying to preserve.


Khaw open to forming offshore FW ghettoes

This post was first written for Breakfast Network.

We wanted to float them “out of sight, out of mind” back on 2008 in dystopian floating dorms. Yesterday, there was more talk in parliament about housing foreign workers (FWs) on offshore islands.

Does anyone smell the stench of apartheid? Arkham City? “District 9”? Refugee camps? WW2 ghettoes? Discrimination? All this in the name of convenience and comfort for Singaporeans. After all, we want to “use them and lose them”, not see them walking in our neighbourhoods. No need to integrate them.

Why? Um, well… they smell, commit crimes and hang out with our FDWs. In the midst of the 2008 Serangoon Garden FW dorm debate, then Minister George Yeo shared that “We may grow much faster if we open our doors to foreign workers but if there are too many of them coming into Singapore, it will affect our living environment.” (Workers’ dorm: An issue for whole of S’pore, Serene Luo, ST, 8 Sep 2008).

He suggested building “townships” for them. There, they would get better access to “cheaper food” and “their own places for recreation”. For their own good. Because we don’t want to be near them, screamed the subtext.

Maybe if we end up building townships, we can also house all the other people who spit, commit crimes, smell bad, talk loudly, and don’t flush the toilet, regardless of nationality. Maybe even people who can’t speak or understand Singlish, because they will slow down the queues at the hawker centre. We don’t want to be seen as racist or discriminatory, after all. First sign of antisocial behaviour and off to the outer islands you go. Our new society shall rise pristine and reformed.

It will be an awesome spectacle of the Singaporean dystopia.