Eh, hello. That’s not how to Honour Singapore, lah.

Honour Singapore was controversial for all the wrong reasons – accusations of steeplejacking – when it launched in August this year. But judging from their latest blog post, nobody need worry about any effective insertion of some extreme Christian Kingdom agenda into the national honour movement because THEY CAN’T EVENT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HONOUR AND COURTESY.

“KEEP TO THE LEFT FOR HONOUR!” screams the headline. Then it goes on try and link courtesy with honour, essentially by insisting that “honouring one another” is the same thing as courtesy.

ZeroWing forgreatjustice

Neither is it justice.

The blog, which publishes an article every week, seems to be stretched for “honourable” content, with past posts also conflating courtesy and consideration with honour. As a matter of fact, most of their posts seems to try REALLY really hard to talk about some subject, then quickly do a switch and jam the word “honour” in somewhere.

Honour is about knowing and doing what is good and right (morally). Moral uprightness doesn’t necessarily relate to courtesy. Even the morally reprehensible and dishonourable can be courteous.

Is Honour Singapore clueless about honour, or are they desperate for content? Well, at least we don’t have to worry about some Kingdom Dominion Theology (ED: for specificity) agenda coming to impose itself upon us.



  1. I guess the fifth commandment is about to get a really radical reworking: Be courteous to thy father and mother…so, does that mean I get to tell my mum that she’s talking out of her ass, as long as I do it politely?


      1. Suddenly, that brings to mind that Mr Brown podcast on Army Fighting Language:

        “We humbly urge you to go KNNBCCB”

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