Roy and Han Hui Hui go full retard

by Daniel Yap

Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and a bunch of their supporters have raised a ruckus at a YMCA charity event at Hong Lim Park and heckled disabled kids, among other low class acts. EDIT: Seems like TRS’ Alex Tan was there too.)

Teo Ser Luck was in attendance at the YMCA event as the guest of honour and there were even pictures of him getting verbal abuse from some crass thug. After heckling some poor disabled kids (and a bunch of elderly people and children) the rabble decided to march around Hong Lim Park chanting.

TOC tries to save their face by claiming that the mob moved off soon after, but honestly, does that make everything okay? Damage done. If you didn’t want to heckle disabled kids, you would have kept your mouth shut in the first place. Marching off somewhere else and keeping up your shouting isn’t brownie points in my book.

Of course, you’ll now be able to find all the low-EQ, anarchist/opposition tryhards actually standing up to DEFEND Roy and HHH’s antisocial, crass behaviour. At least it’s now really easy to spot an opposition nutjob. Ugh, these people actually make me want to join the PAP. *shudder*

Of course there was the HHH POV video of the Nparks Director of Parks and some policeman. While HHH was being an ass, she was largely within her rights and the officials were outclassed and underprepared. Sigh, doesn’t the civil service ever learn?



  1. Oh man, I admire the National Park director for his patience. Even though he was caught unprepared, I disagree that he was outclassed. In my opinion, he was clearly the bigger man and handled the abuse pretty well. He was being reasonable by politely requesting them to use another space 70 meters away so both events can go on undisturbed.

    On the other hand, I think I do understand HHH’s mindset. In my opinion, it seems that she clearly was trying cause trouble and to exploit the situation to paint a picture of preferential treatment of PAP events and members in Singapore. Clearly, that kind of backfired. I might be wrong here but it seems that way to me.

    Roy and Han Hui Hui go full retard <- great title.


      1. Well said! This comment made my day hahaha 🙂 I am not a Singaporean but just watching the videos made me cringe and made me feel for the kids with special needs who should have been left alone in peace. There should always be respect no matter the opposition but I didn’t see that here from HHH and company.

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