Roy Ngerng digs own grave, may get dirt on PM

I just want to say this:

Bad Time, Roy

Especially if you might get sued for it.

Is this some immense hubris on Roy’s part or is he hatching some scheme that honestly doesn’t look like it’s going to end well? Now that PM has rejected his $5,000 offer for damages, and has revealed that Roy secretly played around by privately sharing a YouTube video that was supposed to be taken down, the door is open to continue what my friend calls “the cripple fight”.

This development is only going to entrench the situation on both sides. For those who think Roy a cad, his shenanigans will entrench him as an untrustworthy man who makes promises he has no intention of keeping.

For those who think that PM stands to lose credibility in the long term by going hard with legal proceedings, his rejection of damages on a condition-upon-a-condition (the YouTube video was not part of the original lawyer letter, but added to the stakes later) looks like PM likes to play with bloggers in the mud.

Perhaps both of these views may be true.

At the end of the day, I pity M Ravi, who has to come up with some excuse as to why his client was up to his tricks without his knowledge. I sure hope Ravi isn’t dealing with this shit pro bono.




  1. He’s setting himself up as a martyr that’s for sure. Roy seems intent on setting the truths of CPF free, whatever the means. If it brings CPF to a more transparent and honest public discourse, then it’s a positive I can get with. Although I can’t say I’m rooting for the underdog at the same time.


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