MDA demands Breakfast Network PL cease Facebook and Twitter operations

BN sent out this post today:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 5.42.42 pm

It says:

Dear Breakfast Network fans,

MDA has released a statement to the media saying that the operation of this Facebook page (and our Twitter account) by Breakfast Network as a company is in breach of the law.

You can read one of the reports here:

In our sincere desire to remain compliant with the law while still bearing at heart the interest of our community of fans, we will suspend the operation on this Facebook page. With great sadness, this will be the last post until we have clarified MDA’s terms and are able to post on this page again legally. We ask for MDA’s forbearance for this final message.

Please feel free to communicate with Bertha through her personal Facebook account , or through her blog Bertha Harian

As for the rest of us writers, we hope you will still be able to find us on our respective blogs and Facebook profiles, and we promise to work hard to get this community up and running again.

‘Till we dine again,

Bertha Henson 
and the pro-bono editorial team of Breakfast Network

As part of Breakfast Network’s pro-bono team, I’m rather worried about this. Mostly because we’re not yet sure about exactly what MDA wants us to do. We can suspend our social media activity for now but it is unclear what we should do next without clarification from MDA.

We hope to restore our facebook page, even if the company shuts down, but we’re not even sure if folding the company will satisfy MDA. Ultimately, I believe there is an intention to comply and register when we are ready and when the rules are clearer.

Can MDA ask companies to suspend their social media operations? It seems like it can.

I wonder what could possibly happen next.


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