Like the G? Log out and flip a police car

Law Minister K Shanmugam certainly seemed pleased to announce that “there is no evidence to suggest that the foreign workers involved in the Little India riot were unhappy with their employers or the government”.

It especially helps your case if you’re not keen on looking for that evidence. There was no evidence that drinking caused the riot either, but that’s not stopping a localised alcohol ban this weekend. Other than the bus, the bus driver and the bus assistant, all of whom were directly involved in the accident, nearly all the other targets of the riot were civil servants and emergency vehicles.

I’d hate to think what they would have done to our boys in blue had they actually been angry, eh?

Hm, I think there’s a pattern here. Clearly the rioters were upset by flashing lights, the irritation factor of which was exacerbated by their drunkenness. They were going for those flashing lights. Nothing to do with the government.

I can also imagine how they might have managed to come to this conclusion during an interrogation. Those rioters were totally going to open up their heartfelt frustrations with the G while being grilled by the police. Totally.

But as far fetched as that idea might be, it becomes even more interesting when you put it together with what some higher-ups have been saying about the Internet lately.

“Unhappy people go online”. Happy people flip police cars.

Man, if all those keyboard warriors weren’t busy trolling online, who knows how much more damage they would have caused? Thank God for the Internet.



  1. As it has been claimed by many sober people and confirmed by a parlimentary dog sniffing the air, it was the “drunken indians” who caused the riots. That’s what happy drunk men usually do, now we are told. I always thought “happy’ drunk men were usually merry instead of being violent and unhappy ones are the ones usually end up fighting. I was wrong, but I guess they belong to the same group as an ex-president who was labelled as “drunken indian” as well. If I were a Indian I will be mindful with what I claim, less I be labelled as a happy “drunken indian” too by the unhappy people online


    1. Well, from another perspective I think it would be quite a personal achievement (and thus reason to celebrate) to be able to flip a car over. It’s not something that everyone gets to do in their lifetime! By this I mean legally, of course.


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