Little India booze ban as mindless as the riots

It’s on the news today that the G is going to ban booze sales in the area of the Little India riots next week, in what seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to some bad assumptions.

This is in spite of the fact that “When asked if stricter rules on alcohol could have helped to avert the riot, Mr Iswaran said this needs to be thoroughly investigated before a conclusion is made.”

So basically, we don’t know if alcohol was a significant factor, but let’s ban it anyway to show that we’re doing something constructive. Never mind that we’ll be screwing over a whole bunch of restaurant owners and shopkeepers who have paid good money to the G for the legal right to sell this stuff.

We expect milk sales to spike

How about banning buses? A bus was DEFINITELY involved in the riot. How about banning large groups of people from gathering there every week?

I don’t see how this measure is going to make the situation on the ground more stable. If nothing, the hard drinkers are going to get well and angry, and storm off to buy their booze elsewhere, and maybe riot about how they can’t get a proper drink in Little India. I pity the shopkeepers.



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