How about an apology?

Minister for EWR Vivian Balakrishnan is asking for an apology from WP. I find that horribly ironic, since the minister himself has never been the shining beacon of apologising for any of the gaffes and mistakes he has made over the years.

The YOG overspend, his famous “If you want to dance on a bartop… people will DIE” quote. Not a single apology from his mouth. But now he wants others to apologise? A sterling and exemplary leadership model, I see. At least he can leave it to his PM to apologise on his behalf. The day Mr Balakrishnan learns to say “sorry” is perhaps the day some other people will be willing to have coffee with him. Not that I think I will ever see the day Vivian Balakrishnan makes a public apology. Perhaps in his own mind he is perfectly blameless.

Baiting Low Thia Khiang into joining the mudslinging is bad enough, but to bait him with such snarky arrogance is beneath a minister, methinks.

Way to uphold yourself by wading into what is essentially a minor spat. Many Singaporeans think that this whole tit-for-tat is a bleeding waste of time to begin with, so is Mr Balakrishnan trying to up the ante by throwing his ministerial weight into the fray? With dengue deaths hanging over our heads, must the minister pick a fight over scaffolding? At least PM Lee has the sense not to muck around in the dirt.

Didn’t NEA and AHPETC decide to settle this already on June 6? Kind of leads me to think that Balakrishnan is dying to carik points or something, but this is just beneath him.



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