MSM uses picnic to conceal protest

Trust our government-owned media to give such noble coverage to the May Day Hong Lim events as this bunch of utter drivel.

Pictographical representation of the quality of reportage.

Never mind that the two events were six hours apart, carried completely different themes and purposes and were organised by completely different groups of people. One was a picnic that cost $5 to attend, and the other was a protest. The picnic drew a crowd of a few hundred. The rest of the 5,000 came for the protest, half a day later.

“Yes! We should totally mash the two events together in our report!” an editor apparently thought, “What a stroke of genius! It’s like that time I reported on ‘10,000 people attend Adam Lambert and New Creation Church’. And Michael Palmer.”

Really, the only thing they had in common was the bleeding venue. All the journos/editors could see was this – a strong turnout for a protest that desperately needed to be hidden from the public eye.

The photo of the crowd with umbrellas out was shot before the bulk of the people had arrived and is credited to Dylan Loh, the News 5 news reporter I find the most hilarious of the lot.

News 5 at 9:30pm decided to run the same horror reportage, the only difference being that it had mind-numbingly uninformative B-roll to accompany it. Not a single shot of the crowd. You can smell the government intervention and the shameless self-censorship.

Who’s surprised now?

If you want a real news story about events like these, you’ll have to go to the alternative media. If TOC/TRE makes you overly suspicious, try Yahoo! or Breakfast Network’s coverage.


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